Thanks to Mandy for pointing out that I had made an error in the original course syllabus and schedule. I initially identified Week 2 as Sept. 2 and Week 3 as Sept. 16—skipping Sept. 9 altogether. The problem was that I wrote the syllabus with our original Monday meeting time in mind, when we would have missed class on Sept. 7 due to Labor Day. Moving to Wednesday will allow us to hold class that week (and trade it for a Wednesday holiday on Veterans Day).

So the syllabus and schedule of readings have been updated. The list of topics and readings each week have stayed the same; I’ve just updated the dates that correspond to each week of the semester through Week 11 (Nov. 4). We will then have a week off for Veterans Day and pick up again on Nov. 18.

If you have any questions (or spot another error), please leave a comment below.