Welcome to the course website for the Seminar in Medical Anthropology (ANG 6737) at the University of Florida. This website will be the main web portal for the course this semester. To get started, I suggest you follow the links to the syllabus and course readings. As the semester progresses, we’ll be adding new material to the course wiki.

Students registered for the course should have received an email with a username and password that provides access to PDFs of required readings. If not, please contact me. I encourage all of you to subscribe to the RSS feed for the course (by email or in your favorite feed reader) and to follow me on Twitter. I’ll update the site frequently to let you know about relevant news and events, to share useful resources, and to stimulate your thinking about assigned readings and activities.

This website was also used for Culture and Medicine (ANT 4462) in Fall 2007. Feel free to browse the archive of blog posts from that semester, too.

I look forward to a great semester and hope you do, too. What do you hope to learn about in this course? Leave a comment below to let me know.