General Resources

Field Methods - a journal dedicated to qualitative and quantitative methods of fieldwork

Analytic Technologies - producers of ANTHROPAC and UCINET

Gery Ryan's guide to data collection and analysis (PDF)

Introduction to cultural domains - by Steve Borgatti

Bibliography of cultural domain analysis, by Borgatti

Cognitive Anthropology - an overview of the field, from M.D. Murphy and students at the University of Alabama

Qualitative Data, Quantitative Analysis - Bernard (1996) in Cultural Anthropology Methods Journal, now Field Methods

What is Qualitative Data? - Borgatti

Representations of Mind - Borgatti

Kinds of Matricies - Borgatti

Dressler's research report - how a working scholar uses the tools of cultural domain analysis in real research

Free Listing

Freelists - from Steve Borgatti's Elicitation Techniques for Cultural Domain Analysis

Uses and Limitations of Free Listing in Ethnographic Research

Free listing with ANTHROPAC - an example and instructions by Gery Ryan (PDF)

"Bad words" free list data from Steve Borgatti

"Foods available at McDonald's" free list data from Gery Ryan

Pile Sorts

Pile sorts - from Borgatti's Elicitation Techniques

Pile sorting with ANTHROPAC - by Gery Ryan (PDF)

Emic measures of item similarity - by Steve Borgatti

Borgatti's pile sort data on animals, crimes, and emotions

Triad Tests

Triads - from Borgatti's Elicitation Techniques

Triad tests with ANTHROPAC - by Gery Ryan (PDF)

Paired Comparisons

Paired Comparisons with ANTHROPAC - by Gery Ryan (PDF)

Multidimensional Scaling

MDS - from the Electronic Statistics Textbook

Proximities - from Borgatti's Elicitation Techniques

MDS - by Steve Borgatii

Cluster Analysis

Cluster Analysis - Electronic Statistics Textbook

How to Explain Hierarchical Clustering - Borgatti, in Connections 17(2):78-80

PROFIT Analysis

PROFIT Analysis - by Steve Borgatti

PROFIT analysis with ANTHROPAC - by Gery Ryan (PDF)

Cultural Consensus Analysis

Consensus theory - an annotated bibliography by A. Kimball Romney

Consensus analysis - by Steve Borgatti

Cultural consensus theory - from the MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science

Consensus analysis with ANTHROPAC - by Gery Ryan (PDF)

You can lose the answer key

Weller's (1983) data from 24 urban Guatemalan women on judgments about disease contagion

Guttman Scaling

Allen Johnson's Matsigenka data

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