11.22.05 - Presentation slides (PDF) on multiple regression are online. So, too, is this week's data analysis exercise.

11.07.05 - Presentation slides (PDF) on scatterplots, correlation, and simple linear regression are online

11.06.05 - Details and data for this week's exercise are now online.

10.30.05 - Details on this week's data analysis exercise are available.

10.22.05 - Details on the univariate data analysis exercise are now online.

10.17.05 - See sample do-files and other resources for the data management exercise.

10.14.05 - Details on the data management exercise are now online.

10.14.05 - Presentation slides are available for the class on data management (enrolled students only).

10.05.05 - New proposals have been added to the site, including one with NSF panelist reviews.

09.15.05 - Download an Endnote library of the required and recommended readings in the course. If you don't already use Endnote or another bibliographic database program, download a trial copy at the Endnote website.

09.12.05 - More sample research proposals are available on the website.

09.05.05 - Everyone enrolled in the seminar has been subscribed to a course listserve. Let me know if you have not received an email message welcoming you to the list.

09.05.05 - The course syllabus has been updated with required readings for this week.

09.02.05 - Welcome to the seminar in research methods. This page will an archive of course announcements, with relevant links to other sections of the site or to external resources. Get started by viewing the online syllabus and reading about the first assignment.

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