General Resources

Field Methods - a journal dedicated to qualitative and quantitative methods of fieldwork

Gery Ryan's guide to data collection and analysis (PDF)

Qualitative Data, Quantitative Analysis - Bernard (1996) in Cultural Anthropology Methods Journal, now Field Methods

Funding Sources and Proposals

National Science Foundation

Wenner-Gren Foundation

Social Science Research Council

Fulbright Program

Language and Logic of Science

Kinds of Matricies - Borgatti

Framing the Problem

Problem formulation from Trochim's Research Methods Knowledgebase

RAND standards for high-quality research and analysis

Literature Search and Review

Guide to anthropological databases at FSU library

Anthopological Index Online from the British Museum

Anthropological Literature from Harvard's Tozzer Library

Anthropology Review Database

The Scout Report

Annual Review of Anthropology

Citation management resources from FSU library


Guide to data and information management software by Paul Kurucz

ConceptMapping Wiki

Useful software from


Code of Ethics of the American Anthropological Association

Code of Ethics of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists

SAA Principles of Archaeological Ethics

Belmont Report Historical Archive

Human Subjects Committee at Florida State

  • Stev Weidlich's informed consent and assent forms, approved by FSU's HSC

Experiments and Research Design

Research Methods Knowledgebase

Threats to internal validity

Research Methods in the Social and Natural Sciences


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Data Management

EpiData - software for data entry and documentation

Gary King's replication and data sharing page

Data Documentation Initiative

Univariate Analysis

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Bivariate Analysis

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Multivariate Analysis

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